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Known for her warm personality and incredible ability to transform every customer into their best self, Lula Kiah is a brand strategist, public speaker and author. Combining her ten years of profesional image consulting experience with her previous successful career in International Banking and her passion for the people, Lula Kiah founded The Image Consulting Company in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Through this business Lourdes has offered Image Consulting services to over 2,000 individuals, both male and female, of different backgrounds, ethnicity and nationalities.

Lula has a passion for human potential and an avid pursuit of innovation to inspire and motivate people across the globe to achieve the highest level of professional success. Lula’s unique combination of skills, training and experience have allowed her to understand that self-confidence and harmony with ourselves is critical to develop a successful career in any field

Lula has travelled the world giving seminars to audiences of all sizes, from small focused groups to more than 1000 people. Lula has a natural talent to engage audiences, making her seminars fun an rich in content. Lula is a certified Image Professional by the Association of Image Consultants International.


Lourdes Kiah

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